In many of the elections I’ve voted in, there was a candidate whom I thought was by far the best one. But often I’ve made the sensible choice and voted for the one whom I hoped would defeat the really terrible candidate. This year with ranked-choice voting, we can vote for the best choice and the sensible one too. If our first choice doesn’t get enough votes, our vote will go to the sensible choice.

The way I see it, Lisa Savage is by far the best choice in the U.S. Senate race. She is the only senate candidate who has opposed the CMP corridor. She has supported the strikers at BIW, the Green New Deal and Medicare for all.

Most important of all for me is that Lisa supports world peace. Too many of our national and global priorities are underfunded because of the huge amounts our government has spent on foreign wars, wars that serve us no purpose, wars that leave so many people wounded in body and soul. Our schools, infrastructure, medical care and postal system are all strapped for funding, while the military spends billions on questionable wars, often protecting dictators.

Although you may not have heard much about Lisa in the news there will be chances coming up to see her. There will be debates between all four of the candidates. I hope that people will find the time to watch the debates and to consider casting their votes for Lisa Savage.

Maine has a great record for avoiding the two-party system and electing independent candidates. There is so much at stake this year with the pandemic, with the environment, with the inaction of the politicians on all these pressing issues. We need to “think outside the box.” We need to make bold moves.


Abby Shahn


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