The big weather headlines for the week will be focused on Teddy. Before I get ahead of myself, though, let’s chat about how great Monday will be.

The middle of September usually features days in the upper 60s. The past couple days have been a bit cool…Monday follows suit.


Another sunny, crisp day will keep high temperatures in the lower half of the 60s for most. The biggest change compared to the last couple days will be the increasing cloud cover late Monday evening. This is out ahead of Teddy, which will track east of Maine and into Nova Scotia.

Teddy’s impacts on Maine

The forecast Tuesday revolves around Teddy, despite the storm actually tracking to the east of the state.


There are three big talking points: rain, wind, and waves.



Some of these totals may be slightly high, given the dry air already in place. NEWS CENTER Maine

As the drought rages on in Maine, rain chances continue to be in short supply. This is also true for Tuesday.

Showers are likely Downeast and along the eastern Canadian border. Otherwise, it will be a pretty dry day for most.

Expect partly to mostly cloudy skies on Tuesday. No need to worry about the umbrella, unless you plan on going east of Ellsworth


The strongest gusts in Maine will be Downeast. NEWS CENTER Maine

Western areas of Maine will experience a stout northwesterly breeze. Most gusts will remain below 25 miles per hour.


Damage and power issues are very unlikely. Expect trees to drop some leaves in the breeze, though.

In eastern Maine, the gusts will be a bit more potent. Gusts will be closer to 35 miles per hour. A couple of spots Downeast could get gusts to 40 mph.

Generally, this is still below the threshold for damage. A couple of isolated power outages are possible east of Bangor.



It’s no surprise that storms over the ocean tend to churn it up. Teddy is no different.

The waves are already rising and will continue to get bigger through Monday and into Tuesday.


Wave heights are expected to range from eight feet to thirteen feet high at the coastline.

Beach erosion, splashover, and high tide inundation is likely on Tuesday.


Waves will peak late Tuesday night, and subside through the day Wednesday.

The rest of the week and the weekend


Wednesday looks pretty good, all things considered. Sunshine returns and the northwest breeze sticks around. Highs on Wednesday will be back in the mid 70s.


The warm weather hangs around on Thursday, too. More sunshine is in the forecast for Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. And maybe Monday…


Cooler air does try to sneak in for the weekend, but temperatures will still be near normal for this time of year.


This is not great news for the drought in Maine. An area of extreme drought has popped up in Aroostook county, with over 50% of Maine now in a severe drought. The entire state is in at least a moderate drought.

Wells are drying up. Fire danger will increase as leaves fall off of trees. Pumpkins and apples farmers are having issues keeping the crops hydrated. Fall foliage will be a bit muted this year, too.

The next chance at widespread rain isn’t until Tuesday, September 29. Even then, there’s still quite a bit of time for this to change, too.

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