SKOWHEGAN — The public safety building question is headed for a ranked-choice tabulation next week as none of the options won a majority.

The ballot gave voters the following options to rank on the public safety building question: 

• To have a combined police and fire department project on East Madison Road at an estimated cost of $8.9 million;

• To have the police department on 181/185 Water St. and the fire department on 123 Madison Ave. at an estimated cost of $10.7 million;

• To have a combined police and fire department project on Memorial Field/Heselton Street, with the ballfield being relocated to West Front Street, all at an estimated cost of $10.7 million;

• None of the above. 


On Wednesday, the preliminary results were shared on the town’s website, though the final outcome will not be decided until ranked choice votes have been tabulated.

Of the four options, voters initially supported:

East Madison Road: 1,310 votes; 31.23% of the vote.

181/185 Water St.: 1,012 votes; 24.12% of the vote.

Combined project on Memorial Field/Heselton Street: 625 votes, 14.9% of the vote.

None of the above: 926, 22.07% of the vote.


Blank: 261, 6.22%.

Overvote: 61 votes, 1.45%.

Pelotte said that the top option selected by voters did not garner more than 51% and that the contest will shift to a ranked-choice runoff “that will be sometime next week.”

In an uncontested race, Todd Smith was elected selectman with 3,428 votes.

Voters decided to keep the following positions elected instead of appointed:

• Road commissioner (in a 2,475-1,614 vote).

• Town Clerk (in a 2,623-1,467 vote).

• Town Treasurer (in a 2641-1,449 vote).

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