The Boston Bruins have played once at Fenway Park – beating the Philadelphia Flyers in the Winter Classic on Jan. 1, 2010. Because of coronavirus restrictions that prevent the Bruins from hosting fans at TD Garden, the team might be interested in trying to play most of its home games outdoors this winter. Elise Amendola/Associated Press

The Boston Bruins are one of four NHL teams exploring the possibility of playing their entire 2020-21 season in outdoor venues if it allows them to have fans in the stands.

According to Elliotte Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada, it’s a long shot, but being considered. He tweeted:

“I’m not sure it’s possible; the odds are against it – but four NHL teams are looking into the possibility of playing their home games outdoors. Can’t fault anyone for considering their options”

In his SportsNet article, Friedman wrote that Boston, Anaheim, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh are the teams pondering outdoor games and wrote that the Bruins are considering Fenway Park as a possible venue.

“The Bruins have been in contact with state and city officials about different options. I had heard specific mention of Fenway Park, and was told that is in an “exploratory phase,” but it was stressed all venue options are being considered.”

The NHL has had success with the Winter Classic and several other outdoor events that have largely been staged as unique events. A full or even partial season would be a different undertaking.

Fenway Park has hosted the Winter Classic once and outdoor hockey on multiple occasions for Frozen Fenway events that have usually been headlined by college games in Hockey East.

But there would be significant logistical issues to playing a full season at the 108-year-old venue. The NHL season is likely to run into the start of baseball season. Obviously, the Bruins and Red Sox can’t call Fenway home at the same time. Even if the Bruins moved out before baseball’s Opening Day on April 1, how much damage would four months of an ice rink do to the field below it?

Harvard Stadium, Nickerson Field at Boston University and Boston College’s Alumni Stadium could all be potential options, although it’s questionable whether any of those areas would have the necessary available infrastructure, parking and other facilities.

Gillette Stadium, which has also hosted a Winter Classic, might be a more realistic option, although it would mean leaving Boston and its immediate suburbs.

For this to have any value, Boston and the state of Massachusetts would have to allow events with fans in attendance. The Red Sox played the entire 2020 season in an empty park, and Gillette Stadium announced earlier this year that there’d be no fans at Patriots or Revolution games through the balance of their current seasons.

As of now there’s no specific date planned for the start of the NHL season.

The Bruins have not yet responded to a request for comment.

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