FAIRFIELD — Kennebec Valley Community College and Kennebec Valley Community Action Program teamed up on Nov. 21 to distribute approximately 1,100 boxes of farm-grown produce for free to community members in need through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farmers to Families program. The Farmers to Families program aims to connect families suffering from food insecurity with healthy and high-quality foods.

The event was hosted in KVCC’s King Hall parking lot, with contactless delivery of food boxes to each vehicle. The food boxes each contained 12 pounds of produce, five pounds of meat, five pounds of dairy, and a gallon of 2% milk, all grown from privately-owned farms. KVCC and KVCAP’s food boxes included meatballs, butter, milk, parmesan cheese, pomegranates, plums, and eggs, according to a news release from the college.

Kennebec Valley Community Action Program employees from left are Christina Stafford, Judy Russell, Camden Davis and Amanda Jandreau. Photo courtesy of KVCC

Volunteers including KVCAP employees, KVCC students, faculty and staff, and other area students, handed out boxes throughout the day. “As a department, my officers and I were humbled to be able to provide logistical support and safety oversight for such an important and worthwhile cause,” shared Tim “Tug” McDonald, KVCC’s Director of Campus Safety & Security, according to the release. “Food insecurity has impacted so many members of our community, we were honored to step in and volunteer our time. I feel very fortunate to work with such a dedicated and compassionate group of individuals.”

KVCC and KVCAP hope to offer this program again in the future, if available, to ensure their surrounding community members are able to access the vital and high-quality resources they need.

“Working alongside members of my KVCAP Pre-K Team and KVCC volunteers to distribute food boxes during a difficult time for so many in our community was a rewarding and heartwarming experience,” said Christina Stafford, KVCAP’s Early Childhood Coach/Supervisor & District Lead for Albion, Clinton, and Fairfield, according to the release. “Every community member I spoke with shared how much these food boxes meant to them and how thankful they were that we hosted this event. The need was quite evident and I’m grateful that I was able to help in a small way.”

The KVCC volunteers from left are Jannie Durr, Director of Student Life; Michael Brown, Steve Hewins, custodian; Alysia Poland, KVCC student (General Studies); Chase Allan, security officer (Sustainable Carpentry); Richard Larck- security officer (General Studies); Greg Dorough, security officer; Brian Clunie, security officer (AECT); Annesley Beringer- KVCC student (PTA); Nathan Benoit, security officer (Snowbird Security); and Tim “Tug” McDonald- KVCC, Director of Campus Safety & Security.

“I was excited to assist in the planning and implementing of a Farmers to Families truck in the Fairfield area. Our communities have been fortunate enough to have other organizations put together this same event and we as employees were happy to join them in order to serve more people in Central Maine,” said Camden Davis, KVCAP’s MSAD49 Family Service coordinator, according to the release. “Additionally, to work side by side with my son while he volunteered was an added bonus that provided me the chance to see his hard work ethic and show him the value of giving back to a community.”

For more information about the USDA Farmers to Families program, visit ams.usda.gov.