LEWISTON — Since The Public Theatre is unable to perform “A Christmas Carol,” the theater has created a series of three short videos to share with the community that includes footage and fun anecdotes from the past 27 years of performing their unique adaptation.

“It’s been a blast to revisit the history of our production, and the zoom reunion we filmed with our Tiny Tim’s, now all grown up (the oldest is 39!), was some of the most fun we’ve had at the theatre this year,” said Artistic Director Christopher Schario, who also created the adaptation that The Public Theatre performs, according to the release.

Part One of the video series focuses on how this unique adaptation was created 27 years ago at The Public Theatre and how it has gone on to be published and performed in theaters all over the world from England to Hong Kong.

Part Two’s focus is on the secrets of the sounds effects that are used in the show, including a demonstration of how the thunder sheet and wind machine work, as well as stories about how the fiddler came to be an integral part of the show.

Part Three is a visit with the “Not-so Tiny Tim’s”. You can’t help but smile to see the images of the former Tiny Tim’s younger selves while they reminisce and recreate their opening monologue from the show. The Public Theatre also takes a walk down memory lane with their former Scrooges (three of them are Broadway veterans!) as they recreate a piece of the show.
Each video is only 3 to 8 minutes long and offers a short burst of holiday spirit.

Also available on The Public Theatre’s website through the end of the month as a gift to the community is a video recording of another holiday classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” read by the cast of “A Christmas Carol,” featuring illustrations by Maine illustrator, Matt Tavares and original music by Maine fiddler Greg Boardman.

To view the performance, or for more information, visit thepublictheatre.org.