AUGUSTA — On Monday, Dec. 21, a total of 25 care packages were delivered to Bread of Life Ministries by K&A Engineering Consulting P.C., a utilities consulting firm, as part of its K&A Cares initiative. Bread of Life Ministries is a nonprofit that provides food and shelter to veterans, families, and those in need of low-income housing, according to a news release from K&A.

Kenneth Lamb, left, of Walmart, and Roger York, of Walmart and a Vietnam veteran, in front of the shrink-wrapped totes donated to Bread of Life Ministries on Dec. 21 by A&K Engineering Consulting P.C. Not pictured, but also helped were Walmart employees Andrew Gooldrup and Darren Gilbert, together with Marie Douglass of K&A Engineering.

The care packages, worth $2,500, contain items that will help the shelter with capacity issues throughout the colder months including winter coats, hat and or scarf, gloves, socks, bed-in-a-bag, and Rubbermaid totes to be kept by veterans. Each tote also contains toothpaste, 3 in 1 body wash, toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, body lotion, lip balm, winter blanket, flashlight and a package of 10 hand warmers for every veteran donated by Walmart.

The shelter still has the $575 donated by staff, available to them, along with a $250 gift card from Walmart. Walmart also donated a box of 250 bags for the soup kitchen when they do take-out.

“One of K&A’s four values is ‘doing great work for our clients while doing good works in our communities,’” said John Blowers, K&A Engineering Consulting P.C.’s vice president of operations, according to the release. “K&A Cares is the way we work with community organizations to identify and meet their needs through the time, talent, and treasure of the K&A Family. We are happy to continue this work during this season of giving and look forward to working with community partners in 2021.”

K&A was formed in late 2016 and serves the electric utilities industry, with a focus on clean and alternative energy, by providing a full range of transmission, distribution, and substation engineering and design consulting services. The company has plans to open an office in Portland soon, and has offices in White Plains, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Long Island, and Illinois.

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