LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen gave the fire chief permission Tuesday to use up to $15,000 from the Fire Department’s capital reserve account to ready a newly-purchased 1997 combination pumper and aerial truck for service, Chief Edward Hastings IV said.

The Livermore Falls Fire Department has purchased a used, 1997 a combination pumper and ladder truck from a New Jersey department for $15,000. Submitted Photo

The truck will replace the 1988 ladder truck that has needed repairs. It was out of service for 232 days since December 2019 through December 2020, Hastings said Wednesday.

The newer truck cost $15,000 and the money came out of the department’s equipment and maintenance line, he said. Selectmen signed a warrant to approve a check to be issued for the truck, he said.

An assistant fire chief saw the truck on a website. According to owners, it was the first day it was listed, Hastings said. A couple of firefighters, including Hastings, drove to New Jersey last month to inspect it. The Jackson Fire District in that state listed it for $15,000, he said. The truck has about a 105-foot ladder, about 5 feet shorter than the current truck, and has 31,000 miles on it.

After checking it out, it was purchased. It  was driven back to Maine to Greenwood Emergency Vehicles in Brunswick to make general repairs and prepare it for service, he said.

The 1988 truck has been out of service since Oct. 21, 2020, because of a bad axle hub, which caused it to fail inspection, Hastings said. Among other issues was a faulty tie rod end and a drag link, which is a critical part of steering, he said.


The Livermore Falls Fire Department’s newly-purchased combination-ladder truck has about a 105-foot aerial and 31,000 miles on it, Fire Chief Edward Hastings IV said. Submitted Photo

Selectmen also gave Hastings permission Tuesday to take the LED lights on the older truck for the department’s rescue truck.  Selectmen also authorized Hastings to make repairs to the 1988 truck and put it on Auctions International with a minimum bid of $2,000. That is the amount a scrap company offered for the truck.

The department’s capital reserve account has $118,500 in it. Self-contained breathing apparatus packs have been ordered and will cost a little less than $95,000, Hastings said.




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