rHave our children become an expendable byproduct of a politicized pandemic? The medical community, including the CDC, called for students to return to the classroom as soon as possible. Studies have shown that schools have had minimal transmission rates throughout the community. In fact, many school districts and private schools around the country have safely opened with proper protocols.

Virtual learning is not the answer. Sadly, learning loss and psychological issues will have a far more harmful effect than the risk of COVID. Minorities and lower-income people have taken the brunt of the pain and isolation caused, not by COVID-19, but by inept leadership. Instead of following the science, they are following the “political science.”

The teachers union is the chief roadblock to implementing a common-sense strategy to get kids learning in school full-time. They want vaccines as a starting point. Sorry, but there are stock clerks, doctors, nurses, and other essential workers making selfless sacrifices every day for the common good. We should invoke John Kennedy’s famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Those who have an underlying condition should stay home, and accommodations can be made.

Instead of adhering to the fear-mongering from the unions, we should follow the science and open schools. The sake and well-being of our future generation depend on it.


Kevin Landry


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