Detroit residents at Saturday’s annual Town Meeting will consider a $449,000 budget that is only $78 more than the budget approved last year.

The meeting will be held at 10 a.m. at the town hall, with elections to be held Friday from 1-7 p.m., also at the town hall.

Incumbent Selectman Brett Salisbury is running unopposed for a 3-year term and incumbent Rachel Wintle is running unopposed for a 3-year term on the School Administrative District 53 Board of Directors.

Town Clerk Kathy Walston said residents will consider establishing a new cemetery behind the town hall as the current Village Cemetery in the center of town has only about 10 gravesites left.

Residents also will consider approving changes to town ordinances, including the town’s marijuana ordinance. Amendments to that ordinance would include information about where marijuana facilities would be allowed in town, what type of facilities would be allowed, and what fees would be charged to establish them.

Another marijuana-related ordinance voters will consider deals with licensing of facilities, according to Walston.

Amendments to the town’s fire safety and buildings and structure ordinance also are on tap. The changes are aimed at helping to ensure life and safety codes are followed, she said.

Walston said she believes 50 people are allowed in the town hall during the coronavirus pandemic, but typically only a dozen or more people attend the annual Town Meeting.

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