After more than 48 hours under a boil-water order, residents at 85-120 Benton Ave. in Winslow can rest assured their water is safe to consume.

Inconclusive test results extended the order by a day, but bacteria tests conducted by the Kennebec Water District came back negative for any harmful bacteria Wednesday afternoon.

“Everything’s good,” said Kennebec Water District General Manager Roger Crouse. “We’re going to lift the boiling order, and we’re all set to let everyone know it’s safe to drink the water.”

A water main damaged early Monday morning forced the district to investigate potential pipe contamination. Approximately 12 households were advised to boil all water for a minute before any sort of consumption. Some residents saw discolored and rusty water, potentially due to dirt or iron sediment.

Just after midnight Monday, a contractor working on the Benton Avenue sewer project for the town struck the pipe, causing the break to occur. There was a second break, causing further excavation and work. The water district’s Monday samples came back inconclusive Tuesday, so they took Tuesday samples and received results Wednesday afternoon.

“We apologize that it took an extra day to get the results, but it was important that we waited the appropriate amount of time before we knew the water was safe and that we would advise people to drink the water,” Crouse said.

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