After a quarter century of life away from Maine, I have noticed some changes that perhaps others have observed. The bitter winters seem to have lost their bite but there is no doubt of a new bitterness in the air. It appears the only way you are to find Unity in Maine, it’s not far from Freedom and Liberty but much closer to Albion.

I do recall the divisions of cross-town sports rivalries but do not recall a disdain of fellow citizens for their political views! Maine has always been a microcosm of or nation; and now the Divided States of America are on full display in the Pine Tree State.

Community by definition is a group of people who shop, work and play together. A nation can survive (though not thrive) amid the division of its citizens, but the quality of a family’s life is the day to day interaction with their neighbors.

Next time you’re in a drive-through line, and the person in your rearview looks like they dislike your bumper sticker, pay for their breakfast burrito and coffee. It could be the best investment you can make to help warm our winter of discontent.


Tom Turner


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