A vibrant democracy requires an extremely impartial, credible and critical “Fourth Estate” — the press. Presently, the mainstream media is anything but credible and critical only on a partisan basis.

Imagine the journalistic outcry if the present Afghanistan fiasco had taken place under former President Trump. Imagine if Hunter Biden’s misdeeds had, instead, been committed by Donald Trump, Jr. The media attacks would be highly partisan, deeply personal and unrelentingly critical.

Recently, this paper had the audacity to report that the current administration had closed the Canadian and Mexican borders until Sept. 21, while hundreds, if not thousands, of undocumented immigrants are streaming across our southern border daily.

The mainstream media has sold out and can no longer claim to be either impartial, critical or credible. Most of their “news” is filtered so we only see what they want us to see in support of the liberal agenda.

Scott Farnum

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