IN AUGUSTA, Thursday at 9:01 p.m., Joseph M. Johnson, 42, of Augusta, was arrested on a charge of violating condition of release.

Friday at 12:52 a.m., Devon Norwood, 19, of Fayette, was arrested on a warrant.

IN SOMERSET COUNTY, Thursday at 12:29 a.m., Atrayal Michael York, 30, of Anson, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault.

At 6:09 p.m., Kayla Marie Blake, 33, of Etna, was arrested on a charge of terrorizing.

IN WEST GARDINER, Wednesday at 2:55 p.m., Peter Frye, 55, of West Gardiner, was arrested on charges of domestic violence aggravated assault and obstructing the report of a crime.

These entries reflect charges filed against individuals. Entries are not criminal convictions.