IN FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wednesday at 4:40 p.m., Alizah Anne Maley, 19, of Bingham, was arrested on a charge of unlawful possession of a scheduled drug.

IN SOMERSET COUNTY, Thursday at 4:08 p.m., Brandy L. Grover, 44, of Milo, was arrested on charges of aggravated trafficking and violating condition of release.

IN WATERVILLE, Thursday at 3:52 p.m., Kevin Simpson, 35, of Waterville, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault.

8:24 p.m., Jessica Dudley, 29, a transient, was arrested on charges of violating condition of release, aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs and unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.

These entries reflect charges filed against individuals. Entries are not criminal convictions.