PITTSFIELD — Deputy Mayor Tim Nichols and Town Councilor Amanda Collamore offered farewell remarks this week ahead of their final Town Council meeting later this month.

Pittsfield Town Councilor Amanda Collamore Aaron J. McCannell photo

Both councilors are stepping down at the end of the year. Nichols did not run for reelection in November, and Collamore is resigning a year before her term is up.

The Town Council’s meeting Dec. 21 is set to include a public hearing and vote on the town budget, so Nichols and Collamore said at a council meeting Tuesday they wished to deliver their remarks earlier.

Nichols, who has been on the council for 24 years, thanked councilors for their work and encouraged people to remain civil and listen to those with whom they disagree.

“I think it’s time for some younger people to come in,” Nichols said. “I mean, you don’t want a whole council of people that were born when Dwight Eisenhower was president. You need fresh eyes, fresh ideas. Changing times call for new help and new ideas.”

Collamore, who represents District 106 in the Maine House of Representatives, said she was grateful for the opportunity to serve the town, adding her involvement in community matters was not over.

“I appreciate all of you and everything that you’ve done. I appreciate all of our discussions,” Collamore said. “I’m not done serving this town. I’m still serving it on the state level, and as much as I can be involved with the Town Council, I will continue to do so.”

In other matters Tuesday, the council said it will use a Dec. 21 public hearing to consider moving money for street lights, animal control and the cemetery to ensure the accounts do not go over budget at the end of the year.

A proposal Tuesday would move $5,000 from the police fund and $6,000 from the highway fund. Neither amount had been designated for specific spending, so the moves would not affect those budgets.

If approved, $2,000 would go to street lights, $5,000 to animal control and $4,000 to the cemetery, although those amounts could change before the hearing, Town Manager Kathryn Ruth said.

The council also approved an agreement with the Kennebec Valley Council of Governments for additional planning assistance for the town. As part of Pittsfield’s membership in the council, the organization has been providing assistance to the town at no cost.

Pittsfield will pay a reduced hourly fee — $65 an hour — because of its membership in the council, according to Ruth. The agreement can be canceled at any time.

The hourly fee will not add to the 2022 town budget, Ruth said.

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