FARMINGTON — A New York man pleaded guilty Monday to trafficking in crack cocaine in 2019.

Joseph Truluck, 40, of Brooklyn, entered the plea via Zoom to a Farmington court. His attorney, Jeffrey Wilson, was in the courtroom. A conviction is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

A more serious charge of aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs was dismissed in a plea agreement.

Truluck also agreed to forfeit $5,400 in drug proceeds.

The sentencing agreement is five years to the Maine Department of Corrections with all but two years suspended followed by two years of probation with conditions and a $400 fine, Assistant Attorney General David Fisher said. The state and defense attorney will argue on a sentence at a March 25 hearing.

A drug agent went to a Church Street apartment in Jay on Dec. 9, 2019, to conduct a bail check on Bret Dalot, who was 30 at the time, and Erika Meaney, who was 31. Both were on bail for prior drug charges, according to a Maine Drug Enforcement agent’s affidavit filed in the court.


Both told police they had used heroin, the document states. The agent was issued a search warrant for the apartment. Needles, sandwich baggies with corners ripped off, and scales were among the items found, according to Fisher. Meaney and Dalot were arrested on charges of violation of bail.

Dalot told law enforcement that heroin would be found in the bedroom, according to testimony if the case went to trial, Fisher said.

He said Dalot told police he was letting Truluck stay at the apartment and was being paid in drugs.

Truluck told the agent there was crack cocaine in his backpack, Fisher said. About 12 grams of cocaine base and $5,300 in cash were found in his backpack and about $240 in his pocket, Fisher said.

Dalot and Meaney were also charged with two counts of unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs.

Dalot and Truluck were indicted on drug charges in March 2021. They also had notices of criminal forfeiture of property.

Meaney was not indicted and drug charges in this case involving her were dismissed in May 2021, according to court records. She also had a criminal forfeiture notice.

Dalot’s case remains unresolved.

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