WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center held its first time ever Local Skills Week March 15 to 18. Every student from the center competed in the Local Skills Championships. The skills championships included 52 individual competitions in technical and leadership skills.

Students attend MMTC from Harvest Christian Academy (home-schooled), Lawrence High School in Fairfield, Maine Academy of Natural Sciences in Hinckley, Messalonskee High School in Oakland, Temple Academy in Waterville, Waterville Senior High School and Winslow High School.

Overall Knowledge AM Class
• Gold, Jordan Harris, Messalonskee
• Silver, Caleb Witham, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Zachary VanAntwerp, Winslow

Overall Knowledge PM Class
• Gold, Tristin Witham, Messalonskee
• Silver, Nathan Bacon, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Emma Fogg, Waterville

• Gold, Adam Sirois, Waterville
• Silver, Travis Reed, Winslow
• Bronze, Cole Corson, Messalonskee

• Gold, Charles Harris, Messalonskee
• Silver, Jared Barker, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Benjamin Bickford, Lawrence


Written Test
• Gold, Tyler Brockway, Winslow
• Silver, Joshua Medeiros, Lawrence
• Bronze, Ashton Erving, Winslow

Vehicle Stops
• Gold, Jesse Dixon, Lawrence
• Silver, Andrew Kalacinski, Waterville
• Bronze, Tyler Brockway, Winslow

Building Searches
• Gold, Andrew Kalacinski, Waterville
• Silver, Jesse Dixon, Lawrence
• Bronze, Tyler Brockway, Winslow

Crime Scene Photography and Diagramming
• Gold, Abbigail Hreben and Conner Dammschroeder, Messalonskee / Messalonskee
• Silver, Owen Beckler and Kayley Ennis, Lawrence / Messalonskee
• Bronze, Rylee Lagucki and Damian White, Waterville / Waterville

Lifting Fingerprints
• Gold, Abbigail Hreben ,Messalonskee
• Silver, Kayley Ennis, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Owen Beckler, Lawrence

Community Policing Presentation Lawrence
• Gold, Kayley Ennis, Messalonskee
• Silver, Abbigail Hreben, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Jesse Dixon, Lawrence


The Big Inch AM Class
• Gold, Cody Veniot, Waterville
• Silver, Dana Palmer, Winslow
• Bronze, Tyson Smith, Waterville

The Big Inch PM Class
• Gold, Dana Stevens, Messalonskee
• Silver, Emma Wiswell, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Jaidyn Logan, Messalonskee

Skill Demonstration AM Class
• Gold, Hunter Farr, Winslow
• Silver, Haley Dunn, Waterville
• Bronze, Cody Veniot, Waterville

Skill Demonstration PM Class
• Gold, Emma Wiswell, Messalonskee
• Silver, Jaidyn Logan, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Nathaniel Lizotte, Messalonskee

MMTC Chopped
• Gold, Travis Doucette and Daniel Kingsbury, Messalonskee / Messalonskee
• Silver, Arora Wedepohl, Waterville
• Bronze, Britney Dore and Jacob Craig, Harvest Christian / Lawrence

Cake Decorations
• Gold, Riley Lam and Hailey Ruest, Messalonskee / Waterville
• Silver, Britney Dore and Hunter Watson, Harvest Christian / Waterville
• Bronze, Arora Wedepohl and Charlotte Wentworth, Waterville / Messalonskee


Commerical Baking
• Gold, Riley Lam and Kayleigh Smith, Messalonskee / Messalonskee
• Silver, Evan Fisher and Jacob Craig, Messalonskee / Lawrence
• Bronze, Emma Larsen and Jenasis Goodrich, Lawrence / Messalonskee

Lesson Planning
• Gold, Seyarah Knights, Lawrence
• Silver, Savanah Morin, Lawrence
• Bronze, Mackenzie Golder, Lawrence

Activity Presentation
• Gold, Mackenzie Golder, Lawrence
• Silver, Haleigh McLain, Waterville
• Bronze, Hannah Hall, Waterville

Flannel Boards
• Gold, Haleigh McLain, Waterville
• Silver, Savanah Morin, Lawrence
• Bronze, Kasondra French, Winslow

Bulletin Boards
• Gold, Haleigh McLain and Marisa Stuart, Waterville / Messalonskee
• Silver, Sydney Makowski and Emily Fortin, Lawrence / Lawrence
• Bronze, Trinity Frederickson and Noelle Languet, Lawrence / Messalonskee

Overall Skill Test EMS
• Gold, Emmi Pelletier, Messalonskee
• Silver, Emily Davis, Harvest Christian
• Bronze, Brady Doucette, Messalonskee


Overall Skill Test Firefighting
• Gold, Nathan Weir ,Waterville
• Silver, Savannah Lloyd, Waterville
• Bronze, Jordyn Cloutier, Waterville

Overall Knowledge AM Class
• Gold, Benjamin Menchen, Lawrence
• Silver, William Harvery, Winslow
• Bronze, Trevor Norton, Messalonskee

Overall Knowledge PM Class
• Gold, Bradley Lennon, MeANS
• Silver, Joshua Poulin, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Jacob Benttinen, Messalonskee

Soldering AM Class
• Gold, Anthony Veilleux, Messalonskee
• Silver, Wyatt Patterson, Messalonskee
• Bronze, James Eaton, Lawrence

Computer Building
• Gold, Michael D’Amico, Messalonskee
• Silver, Anthony Veilleux, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Alex Pelotte, Messalonskee

Team Robotics
• Gold, Kaden Perry and James Eaton, Waterville / Lawrence
• Silver, Spencer Gibson and Wyatt Patterson, Messalonskee / Messalonskee
• Bronze, Andrew Burton. and Riley Caron, Waterville / Waterville


• Gold, Joshua Hutchins, Lawrence
• Silver, Jacob Hutchins, Lawrence
• Bronze, Dave Louis, Temple Academy

Soldering PM Class
• Gold, Alexandre St. Jarre, Messalonskee
• Silver, Jacob Hutchins, Lawrence
• Bronze, Dave Louis, Temple Academy

Apple Computer Maintenance
• Gold, Dave Louis, Temple Academy
• Silver, Max Drake, Waterville
• Bronze, Joshua Hutchins, Lawrence

Photography AM Class
• Gold, Autumn Butler, Messalonskee
• Silver, Levi Vickers, Lawrence
• Bronze, Andre Jackson, Lawrence

• Gold, DJ McKenzie, Lawrence
• Silver, Ethan Mattson, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Elijah Ubert, Winslow

Logo Design
• Gold, Daniel Whitman, Winslow
• Silver, Elijah Ubert, Winslow
• Bronze, DJ McKenzie, Lawrence


Photography PM Class
• Gold, DJ McKenzie, Lawrence
• Silver, Christopher Carpenter, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Daniel Whitman, Winslow

Video Commercial
• Gold, Quinn Denis and DJ McKenzie, Waterville / Lawrence
• Silver, William Place, Elijah Ubert and Tyler Simpson, Waterville / Winslow / Lawrence
• Bronze, Christopher Carpenter and Andre Jackson, Messalonskee / Lawrence

Map, Compass and General Knowledge
• Gold, Wyatt Baruch, Waterville
• Silver, Brandon Butler, Lawrence
• Bronze, Sebastian Plante, Winslow

Castastrophic Events
• Gold, Sebastian Plante,Winslow
• Silver, Wyatt Baruch, Waterville
• Bronze, Dustin Tower, Winslow

Land Navigation
• Gold, Brandon Butler, Lawrence
• Silver, Sebastian Plante, Winslow
• Bronze, Damien Peavey, Lawrence

ACA Tandem River Canoe AM Class
• Gold, Brandon Butler and Damien Peavey, Lawrence / Lawrence
• Silver, Sebastian Plante and Jaydon Elkins, Winslow / Lawrence
• Bronze, Julian Nabarowsky and Dustin Tower, Waterville / Winslow


Chainsaw Maintenance and Operation
• Gold, Trent Thompson, Messalonskee
• Silver, Trevor Norton, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Caden Henderson, Lawrence

Foresty Tree ID, Measurement and Health
• Gold, Paige Dudley, Messalonskee
• Silver, Tyler Harris, Lawrence
• Bronze, Kayla Estes, Lawrence

Wildlife Management and Fisheries
• Gold, Tyler Harris, Lawrence
• Silver, Kayla Estes, Lawrence
• Bronze, Paige Dudley, Messalonskee

ACA Tandem River Canoe PM Class
• Gold, Tyler Harris and Kayla Estes, Lawrence / Lawrence
• Silver, Paige Dudley and Caleb Heald, Messalonskee / Lawrence
• Bronze, Trevor Norton, Messalonskee

4 Jaw Chuck Tramming
• Gold, Mathew McQuillan, Messalonskee
• Silver, Myles Tootill, Winslow
• Bronze, Nathan Mattingly, Winslow

Tramming a Mill Vice
• Gold, Damien Gilley, Winslow
• Silver, Zachary Bean, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Mathew McQuillan, Messalonskee


Lathe Project
• Gold, Christian Sudsbury, Messalonskee
• Silver, Riley Landry, Winslow
• Bronze, Myles Tootill, Winslow

Miliing Project
• Gold, Myles Tootill, Winslow
• Silver, Damien Gilley, Winslow
• Bronze, Mathew McQuillan, Messalonskee

Medical Math
• Gold, Halle Turgeon, Messalonskee
• Silver, Rebekah Bucknam, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Dynah Zimba, Messalonskee

Medical Terminology
• Gold, Halle Turgeon, Messalonskee
• Silver, Selimah Tower, Winslow
• Bronze, Taylor Dumont, Messalonskee

CNA AM Class
• Gold, Rebekah Bucknam, Messalonskee
• Silver, Adalyn Tuttle, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Kali Thompson, Waterville

CNA PM Class
• Gold, Marie Violette, Waterville
• Silver, Faith Rice, Messalonskee
• Bronze, Paige Mansfield, Lawrence