All we’ll hear from Republicans from now to November is “inflation inflation inflation,” as if Gov. Mills is solely responsible for a national and worldwide problem caused by supply chain disruptions amid increased demand in the wake of a global pandemic, and exacerbated by Putin’s war in Ukraine and corporate price increases resulting in record profits for them.

Inflation has happened in every state, including those led by Republicans. Using their own logic, Maine Republicans must think those Republicans are equally responsible for it. And Republicans are long on finger-pointing but very short on solutions. One of the few things they offer is a scheme to phase out the income tax. But that would just dramatically increase our property taxes, and they know it.

Under Gov. Mills we have had a massive jobs recovery, increased education funding, property tax relief, strong budget surpluses, checks sent directly to taxpayers, successful COVID vaccinations, increased access to health care, and a refreshing return to civility and cooperation in Maine government.

And what did we get with Paul LePage and Republicans when they were in charge? Nastiness, division, embarrassment, tax schemes, nothing on healthcare, and attacks on voting rights.

And make no mistake. LePage and Republicans do not support a woman’s right to choose. It is clear that Roe V. Wade is likely to be overturned by the Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republicans, and I believe Republicans will next come after a woman’s right to choose in Maine, and much more.

We do not need the endless Republican culture wars, and we must not return to the dark days of LePage who moved to Florida and has gleefully announced that he was “Trump before Trump.”


James Bilancia


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