Augusta’s American Legion Post 205 1st Vice Cmdr. George Bean, left, and Acting Sergeant of the Guard Jeffrey Morton, report the results of the inspection of flags presented for destruction. Listening to the report from their inspection, center from right, is BSA Scout Tristan Morton, Webelo “Lizzy” Elizabeth Blais, and Scout Den Chief Jacob Blais. Participation makes the event memorable and a teaching moment for the Scouts as they learn about selfless service from our veterans and to respect different ceremonies. Submitted photo

More than 20 Scouts from Troop 603 and Pack 603 participated in the annual Flag Day retirement of worn and distressed flags on June 14 hosted by American Legion Post 205, Augusta. Each flag was washed and folded if possible. After the invocation, the post commander ordered the inspection and validation that the flags were distressed, according to a news release from Chuck Mahaleris, district vice chairman for Kennebec Valley District of Scouting.

Two Senior BSA Scouts and one Webelo inspected the flags under the supervision of the Legionnaires. With their report, the commander of Post 205, Army Veteran Weldon Bean, ordered the orderly and dignified destruction of these symbols of our nation. More than 25 parents and interested parties attended as the Scouts unfurled and committed these flags to the flames.

Family and interested parties watched as Wolf Cub Scout Brent Trundy unfurls a distressed flag for destruction with the assistance of Scout Master Dan Peterson. Submitted photo

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