A TikTok video shared earlier this month from Waterville Mayor Jay Coelho shows him dancing and then jokingly dropping to the ground and twerking under the “weight of carrying Waterville.”

@therealmainemayor When the #mayor jumps on a #trend #maine #watervillemaine #waterville #hatersgonnahate ♬ Kaala chasma samel gurung viral trending song – समेल गुरुङ्ग

What started as a way for him to monitor what his kids were doing on the social media platform has now sucked him in as a regular content producer.

“I like that the media doesn’t require any typing,” he said of TikTok. “My humor can come out this way and it’s super easy to use.”

He has attracted more than 30,000 followers while producing more than 400 videos, and each week he opens his app surprised to see 500 to 700 new followers, he said.

Back in April, the mayor documented a trip to the Waterville McDonald’s, ordering the whole menu at one time.

Coelho says he creates videos “to spread positivity” and “to promote the city and all it has to offer people.”


He even uses his TikTok to show support for the local police and fire department by trying to help recruit.

Coelho used TikTok to show a behind the scenes look at the Waterville Police Department, even using the theme song “Bad Boys” from the popular TV show “Cops.”

“I am getting ready to do one for Public Works,” he said. “A lot of people make comments about nursing jobs, so I’ll do one at the hospitals too.”

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