Oakland Public Library plans to offer a virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14, at the 18 Church St. library.

Oakland resident and former state biologist Paul Johnson will present the virtual tour in person.

Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in this country and the world. It is centered over the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest caldera in the country. The volcano is considered dormant, but it still supplies half the world’s geysers, according to a news release from the library.

The park is the home of hundreds of species of animals. Grizzlies, black bears, wolves, bison and elk are the largest examples.

Yellowstone has numerous recreational opportunities, like camping, hiking, hiking, boating, fishing and sightseeing.

Issues affecting the park and its guests include global warming, invasive plants and animals, hydrothermal explosions and hot springs, large earthquakes, weather changes, contact with large animals and fatal falls.

For more information, call 207-465-7533.


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