Rocky Horror Show LIVE cast members Danielle Eaton (Columbia), left, and Justin Morin (Frank’n’Furter) strike a pose at a recent rehearsal. This cult classic musical will be performed at the Community Little Theater Oct. 27-29. Submitted photo

Local theater company Rocky for Equality has announced the cast for their sixth production of Richard O’Brien’s “Rocky Horror Show LIVE.” This year’s production is in collaboration with Community Little Theatre and performances will be held at the Great Falls Performing Arts Center on Academy Street in Auburn.

The Rocky Horror Show tells the tale of Brad Majors and his fiancé, Janet Weiss. Two young, ordinary, healthy kids who find themselves stranded with a flat tire. Upon knocking on a nearby castle for help, they are swept into chaos by Frank’n’furter, a mad transvestite scientist, and his bizarre followers.

This campy classic — a tribute to the age of B-horror movies — boasts a cult following that spans over four decades and features rock n’ roll classics such as “Sweet Transvestite,” “Hot Patootie,” and the world famous “Time Warp.”

Director Becca Tinkham recently announced the following cast members: Adelyn Bell as Usherette; Shirley Bernier as the narrator; Cody Watson as Brad Majors; Bryce Smith as Janet Weiss; Nicole Emery as Riff Raff; Rebecca Singer as Magenta; Danielle Eaton as Columbia; Justin Morin as Frank’n’furter; Josh Caron as Rocky; Jak Peters as Eddie; and Tony Roy as Dr. Scott. The Phantoms will be played by Adam Runnels, Benjamin Simpson, Reese Madarasz, Greg Lambert, Belle Bouthot, Hannah Hanson, Quinn Murray, Wren Mafyrneen, and Sara Poulin.

The show will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27-29 and at 10:30 Oct. 29.

Tickets cost $20.

For tickets, visit Cash only will be accepted for tickets purchased at the door.


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