This year I am voting for David LaFountain for state Senate.

I know as our next state senator, Dave will support policies like revenue sharing that help municipalities, like Waterville fund their police and fire departments while having enough left over for infrastructure improvements like paving roads. I also know that Dave will put our children first by supporting funding our schools and policies that recruit highly qualified teachers.

Although David and I don’t always agree, I am voting for David LaFountain. I believe David is capable of reaching across the aisle to vote for policies that are good for the citizens of Waterville, Winslow, Oakland, Fairfield, and Albion. I know that like me, LaFountain will vote for people over the interests of one party, and will do what is right.

Please join me and cast your vote on or before Nov. 8 for David LaFountain.

Mayor Jay Coelho


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