A recent letter stated this year’s election should have been about the economy, and not abortion (“Maine voters must love misery,” Nov. 17). The writer apparently believes the majority of Maine voters voted the way they did out of ignorance. It seems he has subscribed to the Republican playbook.

The Republicans would have us believe President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Gov. Mills, Reps. Golden and Pingree, and every other Democrat in government are responsible for the high inflation rates that are affecting the entire world. Wow, that’s some charge.

Inflation is a global problem. And while our inflation rate here is way too high, there are many more countries that are a lot worse off. That’s not to downplay the hurt that many are experiencing due to high prices, mainly in the energy market. But there are many factors contributing to inflation. Blaming the Democrats for the problem is not looking at the whole picture.

The belief that the abortion issue was the top priority for many voters may be true to an extent. However, I believe the majority of Maine voters voted the way they did because they saw through the Republican smokescreen. The most blatant example of this was LePage trying to pass himself off as “LePage 2.0.”

To see some of the LePage campaign ads, one would think he had softened the hard-line, divisive way he conducted himself during his tenure as governor. Remember how he boasted about being Trump before Trump came along? But the tantrum he had at his podium on election night dashed any hopes that he had really changed. He hasn’t changed at all.

No, Maine voters do not want misery. The majority of them simply voted the way they did because they weren’t fooled.

Mike Barron


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