“Get on the Reading Railroad and take home a book” is the slogan of the upcoming Augusta Community Preschool Family Fun Night, according to a news release from the Literacy for ME capital-area group.

The night is scheduled for 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12, at Lithgow Public Library at 45 Winthrop St. The snow date is Thursday, Jan. 19.

All children are welcome. The focus on preschoolers serves a need presented by parents. “Families were telling us that there weren’t a lot of activities preschoolers were invited to,” said Theresa Violette, K-6 Director of Title I and McKinney-Vento liaison for pre-k-12 students who are homeless, in her news release.

Having it at the library serves several purposes, she said. To truly offer a community event, it needs to be in a community location. “The library is a resource for all. We want to show what the library offers to children and encourage families to visit the library again.”

Lithgow Library Director Sarah Schultz-Nielsen agrees, explaining that the library can be the center of the community and was chosen as the host location since it is a neutral place. Children will be able to read, write, add and draw. Some activities planned include a Circle Round Story Walk, dancing to the music, making I Spy/Peek-a-Boo books, name bracelets, play dough creations, salt and sand trays, and working with a number line, puzzles, memory and letter matching.

Families can take home a goodie bag filled with a children’s book, homemade play dough, items the children make, as well as information for parents on a variety of topics.


The event is not restricted to Augusta residents and is free. Parents also can connect to various services. Schultz-Nielsen said this event offers families a chance to see what is available in the community as well as the library.

Schultz-Nielsen said that the library offers dramatic play, art, and even cozy furnishings to sit and share a story. She explains that library membership “opens the door to borrowing thousands of items and opportunities to visit museums and parks for free or at a discounted rate.”

For more information, email Violette at [email protected].



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