The Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee in the Maine Legislature recently heard testimony on L.D. 1610. The bill calls on Congress to allow state regulation of political spending from out-of-state sources. It also prohibits foreign government spending in Maine elections. Over $20 million was spent in Maine elections in 2020 alone by “dark money” groups that do not have to disclose their donors. In Maine’s 2020 Senate race, 93% of political donations came from out-of-state sources.

Massive campaign spending from anonymous sources generates the unending stream of misleading and uninformative campaign ads that do not inform, but inflame the electorate while eroding trust in our election process. The large amount of money, how it is spent, and the lack of transparency about its source constitute a problem. The influence of this money is drowning out the voices of regular Mainers.

The bill that is currently before the legislature has widespread bipartisan support. When enacted, it will stop the flow of foreign money into Maine political campaigns and restore confidence in our democratic process.

Mainers who want their voices heard should start now by using their voices in support of L.D. 1610 and urging their legislators to pass the bill immediately.


Bonnie Sammons


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