DRESDEN — When town residents meet Tuesday for the annual town meeting, they will decide on spending $1.78 million on town government.

The town meeting follows the June 11 secret ballot vote on the moratorium ordinance that passed by one vote and will delay quarry operations in town for 180 days while the town creates a new ordinance. The town also elected Gary Getchell as first selectmen.

Residents will now vote on the 36 warrant articles that include the town’s $1,782,446 municipal budget, $40,222 more than last year.

While many Dresden residents have attended the past few meetings regarding the quarry issues in town, Dresden Town Administrator Nicole Rogers is hopeful the town meeting might draw similar participation, but said most residents in town cared about the June 11 election.

“I think the big item people cared about was the moratorium ordinance and the select board race, but those were already voted on,” she said. “I think the meeting will have a typical attendance, but (the budget) is more of a regular and a thing we look for every year. A good turnout would be great.”

It also marks Rogers’ first meeting as the town administrator — she was hired in September as the town clerk and took over in January as the administrator.


She said most of the budget increases are standard and for maintenance around town, like road repairs, and the town will raise and appropriate the full municipal budget amount of $1.78 million with the use of no carry-over funds.

To pay for the $1.78 million budget, town officials are seeking approval from revenue sources of state reimbursements, bank interest from investment income, motor vehicle and boat excise tax and various agent fees from motor vehicle registrations, among other sources. The remaining balance will be paid for by property taxes.

Tax Collector Ann Pierce said the proposed tax rates were not available on Friday, as she prepared the documents for Tuesday’s annual town meeting.

The largest increase in Dresden’s budget is $29,111 more for protection services, bringing the total cost of the services to $145,651 for the ambulance service and fire department. Rogers said most of the increase is for the fire chief to update the town’s equipment.

The highway portion of the budget, proposed at $456,500, is an increase of $70,052 from last year. But the town appropriated $34,000 last year for capital projects to go toward this year’s projected increase. Rogers said the increase is for paving on Calls Hills Road.

Funding for capital projects is proposed to decrease by $159,000, to $216,445. The town did not spend $106,000 of the $375,000 raised for capital improvements last year, with capital reserve accounts for roads, paving and municipal buildings.

Dresden residents voted on the Regional School Unit 2 $29.9 million budget in both the regional budget meeting and the June 11 referendum.

The annual town meeting is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Dresden Elementary School, located at 86 Cedar Grove Road.

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