LZ Granderson asks that we show compassion for GenZ young adults who need to bring parents to job interviews. She rationalizes, as do many of us, that the isolation of the pandemic robbed them of opportunities to gain social skills.

You might share her opinion if you did not understand today’s educational deficits did begin with pandemic. The pattern of reliance on technology was present before the pandemic as was abysmal education performance. Those of us whose memory of history did not begin two years ago remember the national concerns held by most in the pre-pandemic era.

We are near to needing to take our phones when we shop because the young person behind the counter can only communicate via text message. It will be a real challenge, when in the workplace, that communication can occur only when everyone has their phone!

The pandemic is much easier to blame than parents and educators who allowed this monster to grow and flourish.

Some school systems locally and nationally are tackling the cell phone issue. They will be challenged by parents who will claim their child’s rights are being trampled. The same parents who should be leading this effort.

It is tempting to blame politics for its inability to address the issue. Institutions with a 15-minute attention span will not contribute much to the discussion. Solutions may come when the rest of us demand them through our votes.

Dean Crocker

Estero, Florida

and Manchester

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