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  • Published
    October 17, 2019

    Joseph Owen: Iwo Jima flag-raising photo correction stirs questions about the past

    The Marine Corps confirmed Thursday that René Gagnon had been mistakenly identified among the group of six men credited with having been photographed while raising a large U.S. flag on Feb. 23, 1945 — a revelation that stirred memories for Joseph Owen of a quiet man who shied away from the limelight.

  • Published
    July 12, 2019

    Our View: Mills right to take time with nursing home funding

    Elder care facilities need help, but there’s no reason to put future funding in doubt.

  • Published
    June 12, 2019

    View from Away: Court-packing isn’t the answer

    Egged on by progressive activists, some 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are expressing interest in the idea of increasing the number of seats on the Supreme Court. It’s easy to understand why the idea of “packing” the court with new justices appeals to Democrats, but it’s a bad idea that would further politicize a court that […]