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Conversation FAQ

What’s new with our commenting and discussion tools?

Our commenting system will change on June 18. The new platform, supported by Viafoura, aims to deliver several specific features to our readers:

  1. Easier Login and Access: You can log in to the website with your subscription account or registered access to join a discussion. There is no need for separate registration or logins for comments.
  2. Enhanced Moderation: The new application helps detect potentially abusive language before a comment is published. While it’s not perfect and still requires our newsroom moderators’ involvement, it’s a helpful safeguard to maintain healthy, civil and respectful discussions.
  3. Personalization Features: You can follow and get alerts on specific discussions or community members. A feed highlighting all active discussions is accessible on every story.

How do I join a discussion?

If you are logged into as a subscriber or registered user, you can join the conversation by typing in the discussion stream field at the bottom of any story with an active discussion. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to sign in. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can get a digital subscription for $2.50 a week for a full year.

How do I change my screen name?

Your screen name will appear with any comments you post. By default, your screen name is the first part of the email address you used to log in to For example, if your email address is, your default screen name is “avidreader.” To change your screen name, navigate to a discussion stream on any article and click the link at the top that reads “modify my screen name.” Follow the instructions to reset your screen name.

You are welcome to use your real name as your screen name, but we advise against using personal information such as your address or phone number. We reserve the right to reject any screen name that we consider offensive, vulgar or potentially misleading.

Can I use my screen name from the prior commenting platform?

Yes. If you want to reclaim your old screen name, follow the instructions to modify your screen name. If you submit a screen name that was used on our previously platform, you will be prompted to provide the password associated with that screen name. Once that password is submitted, you can reclaim that screen name.

Where will my comment appear?

Your comment will appear in chronological order in the stream. Replies to comments are nested below the original post. Comment streams for a story may appear on multiple sites if that story has been shared between our newsrooms. If you comment on a story that is shared between our sites (, and, your comment will also appear  on the site where the story is shared.

We reserve the right to display comments in various ways, including within the text of articles, in print, or in advertisements. We also reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments based on our commenting policy.

Why isn’t my comment published?

The new platform is designed to help us publish comments as quickly as possible while maintaining healthy and civil discussions. It uses AI-based software to detect comments that may be abusive or in violation of our terms of use. However, this software is not always accurate and may hold comments for review if it cannot confidently determine if a comment is in violation. Our moderators will attempt to review held comments in a timely manner. Additionally, we may opt to have all comments reviewed before publishing on some discussions, depending on the topic or other workflow constraints on the moderation team.

What’s happening to the old comments?

Comments submitted on the prior platform will be permanently removed from our sites with the discontinuation of that product.

What is my feed?

The feed is a feature that can be accessed by clicking the bell icon next to comments. It will display a list of conversations you have selected to follow or comments from users you are following. It will also show a list of currently active conversations.

What happens if I’m suspended or banned?

Members are subject to account bans if their activity violates Maine Trust for Local News community guidelines. Moderators have the sole discretion to issue bans ranging from one hour to permanent. Members will be notified of a ban with a message above the discussion stream when they log in.

Do you edit comments?

No, we do not edit comments. However, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments based on our commenting terms of use.

I found an inappropriate comment. What do I do?

Users can flag a comment by clicking “Report” at the bottom right corner of the offending comment area.

What if I see an error in an article? What is the best way to suggest a correction?

You can suggest changes or improvements to a story by submitting this form.

Will my comments appear in print?

There may be occasions where comments are used in print. Submitting a Letter to the Editor is a better way to have your thoughts considered for print.

What if I have more questions?

Email us your questions at