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Interactive Map: Maine's rotaries and roundabouts

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Rotaries vs. roundabouts

Steve Landry, state traffic engineer, offered distinctions between the two circular roadways in Maine, rotaries and roundabouts:

"A rotary is typically a circular roadway that has a very large radius and is built to facilitate speed going through the circle area. The way that each leg comes into the circle is kind of tangential, so you don't have to slow down a lot to enter or go around it.

"A roundabout has a much smaller radius. As the roadways come into the circle, they're aimed to the center, forcing the motorists to take a right turn into the circle, and they're banked to naturally slow drivers down."

Landry said the capital city already had one roundabout because Cony Circle was reconstructed several years ago, and the radius was reduced about 15 feet.

"Memorial Circle is a rotary, but we striped it to make it look more like a roundabout," Landry said. "We're trying to get people into the mode of driving it like a roundabout."

Landry said the state has 25 circular roadways, 22 of them roundabouts.

Other roundabout facts:

  • They are safer than other intersections because severe head-on and left turn crashes do not occur.
  • They reduce accident rates by 35 percent and injury crashes by 76 percent, according to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program.
  • They have fewer accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists than at intersections with traffic signals.
  • They use yields rather than traffic signals, thereby saving time, money and fuel for motorists.

Source: Maine Department of Transportation

Here's a listing of Maine's 25 rotaries and roundabouts. To get details about a specific traffic circle, click on its icon or its location, listed below; the map will zoom in to that location and give specifics. Use the Reset Map button to reset the view, or click on a different marker.

You can sort this table by clicking on the column headings.

City Location Type
Windham U.S. routes 302 and 202 Rotary
Kittery U.S. Route 1 / Route 236 / State Road / Old Post Road Rotary
Sanford U.S. Route 202 / routes 4A and 109 Roundabout
Kennebunk Route 35 / Storer Street / Wood Point Road Roundabout
South Portland Cottage Road / E Street / Ocean Street Roundabout
Auburn Turner Street / Lowe's Roundabout
Auburn Turner Street / Auburn Mall Roundabout
Biddeford Biddeford Crossing parking lot Roundabout
Augusta Memorial Circle Rotary (modified)
Augusta Cony Circle Roundabout
Calais Route 1 / International Avenue Roundabout
Bangor Texas Avenue / Maine Avenue Roundabout
Bangor Godfrey Boulevard / Maine Avenue Roundabout
Caribou U.S. Route 1 / North Main Street / Cary Medical Center Roundabout
Gorham Route 114 / Gorham bypass Roundabout
Gorham U.S. Route 202 / Gorham bypass Roundabout
Gorham Route 25 / Gorham bypass Roundabout
Gorham U.S. Route 202 / routes 4 and 237 Roundabout
Gorham Brackett, Libby and Portland roads Roundabout
Bath State Road and Congress Avenue Roundabout
Orono Stillwater and Forest avenues Roundabout
Blue Hill routes 15 and 172 / Beech Hill Road Roundabout
Howland routes 6 and 116 / River Road Roundabout
Augusta Route 3 / Interstate 95 northbound Roundabout
Augusta Route 3 / Interstate 95 sounthbound Roundabout


  • roundaboutRoundabout
  • rotaryRotary
  • modified rotaryModified rotary

To use the map: Click on a marker to zoom in on the location and get details. You can also use the map navigation tools in the upper left-hand corner.

Note: Satellite imagery may not be up to date for all points; some roundabouts may have been installed after Google has last updated its mapping systems, and therefore may not be visible in satellite view.