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Popularity and Profitability of USM majors

University of Southern Maine officials analyzed the school's academic programs, quantifying which majors are profitable and which are popular with students. Based on the premise that it takes 120 students to raise $1 million in tuition revenue during a fiscal year, the chart shows where majors measure up in meeting that 120-student threshold in classroom time and in number of students majoring in that field. The size of the ball indicates the change in number of students majoring in that field between 2009 and 2013, with green indicating an increase and red indicating a decline.

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Profitability by major

In a major, a department must have 120 students per million dollars spent to be deemed profitable.

Profitability by class

Analyzed by class, there must be 120 students in seats per million dollars spent to be profitable.
120 students
120 students

Growth in Major, 2009-'14

SOURCE: USM Academic Program Committee final report