Journal and Morning SentinelenBoys basketball: Patience, trust pay off for Skowhegan during surprising run2019-02-21T23:19:22ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls basketball: Boothbay cruises to regional final2019-02-21T23:00:23ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls basketball: Christopher gives Skowhegan its missing piece2019-02-21T22:43:51ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSinger Don McLean threatens Maine weekly for writing about ex-wife’s exhibit on abuse2019-02-21T22:34:22ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenDeath of Mount Washington climber is under investigation2019-02-21T21:52:32ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMorning Sentinel Feb. 21 police log2019-02-21T21:14:01ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls basketball: NYA breezes past Winthrop into C South final2019-02-21T20:59:20ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenIn central Maine, lots of snowstorms bring overtime, extra plow trips2019-02-21T20:12:17ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGroup that promotes development near Canada’s border is expanding2019-02-21T19:19:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGovernment shutdown cited as factor in decline of Maine home sales2019-02-21T19:06:22ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMonmouth ice fishing derby aims to ‘kids out for a fun day at fishing’2019-02-21T18:52:14ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGardiner backs staying with state communication center2019-02-21T18:44:54ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSearing testimony of clergy abuse marks first day of Vatican summit2019-02-21T18:25:49ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaine’s high court rejects appeal by teen’s killer in 1980 cold case2019-02-21T17:38:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaine’s high court allows defamation lawsuit against sex-abuse activist to proceed2019-02-21T17:28:53ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOld Port bar ordered to keep volume low this summer2019-02-21T17:06:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMills heads to D.C. for meeting of the National Governors Association2019-02-21T17:00:16ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWhy do zebras have stripes? Perhaps to shoo away flies2019-02-21T16:53:27ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenKennebec Journal Feb. 21 police log2019-02-21T16:38:20ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenLone Thorndike firefighter remains after rest of department resigns during heated meeting2019-02-21T16:26:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenFeds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers2019-02-21T16:21:43ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMissing Mechanic Falls man found in Lewiston2019-02-21T14:13:45ZBlog Journal and Morning Sentinelen‘Empire’ actor turns himself in, faces charges of filing false police report2019-02-21T14:09:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOpponents strategize in wake of Mills’ support of CMP transmission line through Maine2019-02-21T14:02:20ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGray man charged with beating, strangling girlfriend2019-02-21T13:17:33ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenI-295 South near Falmouth will be closed at 9 p.m. to remove tractor-trailer crash2019-02-21T12:18:21ZBlog Journal and Morning Sentinelen‘Artist’s Choice’ exhibit on view at River Arts2019-02-21T10:32:23ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSwedish teen leads Belgian students on 7th climate march2019-02-21T10:26:15ZBlog Journal and Morning Sentinelen‘Plaza Suite’ to be staged at the Chocolate Church2019-02-21T10:15:30ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenLucky Clark On Music: Paula Cole2019-02-21T10:00:45ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWitlin work on view at Wiscasset Library2019-02-21T09:51:58ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenThe Harlow presents 50 Years of Art: Barbara Loken Retrospective2019-02-21T09:29:13ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOur View: Landmark 1964 Supreme Court case protects a free press2019-02-21T09:10:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSpecial thanks to angels among us2019-02-21T09:00:58ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenKavanaugh vote hurts Collins’ defense2019-02-21T09:00:56ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWomen should be informed of options2019-02-21T09:00:56ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOFF RADAR: The bent fictions of Jefferson Navicky2019-02-21T09:00:51ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGreen New Deal not only option on table2019-02-21T09:00:13ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenRep. Heidi Sampson: Cursive lessons will help create better writers, readers and thinkers2019-02-21T09:00:09ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenArmed with smartphones, volunteers track Casco Bay king tides as harbingers of sea-level rise2019-02-21T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenToday’s editorial cartoon2019-02-21T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenPodcast: Center Court Day 52019-02-21T04:54:54ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls basketball: MDI sinks Winslow in OT thriller2019-02-21T03:21:26ZBlog Journal and Morning Sentinelen‘Skip the Straw’ campaign gains momentum in Kennebunk2019-02-21T02:59:27ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBoys basketball: Lawrence upsets top seed Cony2019-02-21T02:58:01ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaine’s ‘Cupid of Chaos’ may be prosecuted in New Hampshire first2019-02-21T02:47:52ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls’ basketball: Top seed Rangeley stifles No. 4 Valley2019-02-21T02:36:58ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenFormer Auburn lawyer charged with practicing without license2019-02-21T02:27:33ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls basketball: Waterville rallies in 2nd half to sink Hermon2019-02-21T02:18:56ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenPortland enacts zoning rules for retail marijuana stores, but leaves key issue unsettled2019-02-21T02:09:28ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenTrump floats idea of climate committee, led by critic of mainstream global warming research2019-02-21T01:35:47ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOpponents, supporters ramp up efforts to influence corridor project’s fate2019-02-21T01:34:20ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMills throws her support behind CMP’s controversial plan for transmission line2019-02-21T01:26:48ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBoys basketball: Skowhegan continues upset run2019-02-21T01:23:51ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWindsor man arrested on 19 charges after car chase in Whitefield that injured state trooper2019-02-21T01:23:38ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenAbuse survivors make demands at Vatican summit2019-02-21T01:11:24ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenPutin warns U.S. against deploying new missiles in Europe2019-02-21T01:00:01ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMassachusetts man sentenced to almost 6 years for drug trafficking2019-02-21T00:59:37ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenTortoise species thought extinct resurfaces in Galapagos Islands2019-02-21T00:42:38ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenRed Sox pitcher Rodriguez develops new nasty pitch2019-02-21T00:13:12ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenIsrael hopes to be 4th nation to deliver robotic lander to the moon2019-02-20T23:32:14ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWaldo county officials: Former Thorndike deputy fire chief was a danger2019-02-20T23:27:46ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenTrump says administration will ‘certainly think about’ tariffs on autos imported from Europe2019-02-20T23:07:18ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaine bill would prevent schools from shaming students over unpaid lunch debt2019-02-20T23:06:11ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBill to prohibit Maine communities from banning short-term rentals draws fire2019-02-20T23:01:59ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBill calls for amendment to prevent Maine voters from passing tax increases2019-02-20T22:29:56ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaine man arrested in New Hampshire on OUI charge after collision2019-02-20T22:28:51ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBoys basketball: Forest Hills rolls past Greenville2019-02-20T22:22:04ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWinslow officials to discuss controversial school renovation glitch with attorney2019-02-20T22:18:54ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenPolice: Smollett staged attack to promote his career2019-02-20T22:13:55ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBoys basketball: Hermon runs away from MCI for B North semifinal win2019-02-20T22:11:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBoys basketball: Temple punches ticket to regional final2019-02-20T22:10:56ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenChemistry paying off for Hall-Dale stars Byron, Abbott2019-02-20T22:09:08ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenQuestions still remain after delivery mix-up in Richmond2019-02-20T22:07:22ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenAugusta City Council goal: Improve communications, marketing2019-02-20T22:01:10ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGayle King, Amal Clooney among those celebrating Meghan Markle’s baby shower2019-02-20T21:58:34ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMills administration will increase supplemental food stamp benefit for working Mainers2019-02-20T21:48:06ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOne injured, turnpike traffic snarled in turnpike crash2019-02-20T21:35:56ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBelgrade to look at necessity of drafting houseboat ordinance2019-02-20T21:27:50ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenPortland woman found in burned apartment died before fire started, police say2019-02-20T20:30:15ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenUnity man arrested by state police on child porn charge2019-02-20T20:08:26ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenU.S. says Alabama woman who joined Islamic State can’t return2019-02-20T19:34:38ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSome residents cite ability to bring guns to council meetings as reason to change venue2019-02-20T19:22:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenFarmingdale suggests no changes to draft medical marijuana ordinance2019-02-20T19:03:08ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenDavid Shaw offers $25,000 prize to winning entrepreneur2019-02-20T18:54:23ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWednesday’s high school roundup: Semifinalists named for Mr. and Miss Basketball2019-02-20T18:30:35ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSen. Collins backs 16-state lawsuit against Trump’s national emergency declaration2019-02-20T18:23:57ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSchool ends cheerleading awards that call out girls’ body parts2019-02-20T18:16:58ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenThree remain in hospital after weekend crash in Brunswick2019-02-20T17:43:25ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenKennebec Journal police log for Feb. 202019-02-20T17:33:46ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls basketball: Greenville sinks Temple to reach D South final2019-02-20T17:20:26ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenWestbrook robbery suspect tries to flee – during court appearance2019-02-20T17:04:35ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMorning Sentinel Feb. 20 police log2019-02-20T16:52:34ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenFormer Fairfield man appealing conviction of murdering wife to Maine high court2019-02-20T16:34:46ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenSupreme Court limits states, municipalities’ power to impose hefty fines, seize property2019-02-20T16:22:10ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenLiz Soares: The problem with censorship is that it knows no bounds2019-02-20T15:44:15ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBill would ban e-cigarettes from school grounds2019-02-20T15:42:35ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenPolice: Man bites trooper, punches vehicle2019-02-20T15:38:07ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenOur View: We finally know what LePage was hiding2019-02-20T09:10:17ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenDon’t make an aftermarket mistake with additions2019-02-20T09:00:52ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaine Compass: Losing ACA pre-existing conditions protections would devastate thousands of Mainers2019-02-20T09:00:13ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenCrew members compensated for reporting shipping company’s ocean dumping2019-02-20T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenThe Wrap: Southern flair expected in this year’s Maine Restaurant Week2019-02-20T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenToday’s editorial cartoon2019-02-20T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGeorge Smith: Islands deserving of love2019-02-20T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenKennebunk superintendent defends response to racist incidents in schools2019-02-20T09:00:00ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenMaranacook Community High School first-semester honor roll2019-02-20T08:24:17ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenBorder wall, bullet train: California vs. Trump escalates2019-02-20T05:17:42ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls’ basketball: Gray-NG marches past Maranacook in B South quarterfinal2019-02-20T05:14:25ZBlog Journal and Morning SentinelenGirls’ basketball: Cape Elizabeth corrals Oak Hill in B South quarterfinal2019-02-20T05:14:02ZBlog