Improvements to your web experience

We’ve made some changes to our site layout and navigation and noted some of the common links and site tools that have changed so you can find them easily:

1. Main navigation bar
The main navigation bar (in black) has moved to the top of the window and stays fixed as you scroll.

2. Site search
Site search is located at the upper right corner of the navigation bar. When you click the search icon, the search field opens below the navigation bar where your search query can be entered.

3. Menu button
Access more sections and content by clicking on the menu button to reveal your options.

4. Log-in
Subscribers may log-in using the white button at the right side of the black navigation bar. It works just like the previous “login” link.

5. e-Edition
Access to the e-Edition can be found in a link directly below the logo on the top of the homepage as well as in the side menu.

6. Reader Support
Links to subscription account management, home delivery help and other reader support destinations can also be found by clicking the “menu” button.