Give me a break — a dog kissing contest? (Feb. 17, newspaper). I have seen, in the last 30 years or more, our society more and more de-valuing human life and elevating animals (dogs in particular) to human status.

How many millions of dollars are spent each year on pet-related items such as dog clothes (and I don’t mean just coats in the winter to keep them warm, but bathing suits, pajamas, princess dresses, tuxedos and all the accessories to go with them)? Dogs have their own baby (dog) strollers; their owners take them to have their hair and nails done, and have elaborate funerals when they pass on, and much more. Now, a contest to see which dog can kiss their humans the longest — gross! Haven’t these people seen what their dogs do with their tongues, and where their tongues go?

We are a nation that is going to the dogs, literally. Let’s treat dogs like dogs, and show more kindness to fellow humans.

Gloria HarrimanCanaan

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