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Friday October 28, 2016
  • Question 1: An act to legalize marijuana.

    Latest in the bid to legalize marijuana

  • Question 2: An act to establish a fund to advance public education

    Taxing Maine’s highest earners to fund advancement of public kindergarten to grade 12 education

  • Question 3: Background checks for guns sales

    Background checks for guns sales and transfers

  • Question 4: An act to raise the minimum wage

    Learn about the proposed raise to the state’s minimum wage

  • Question 5: Ranked choice voting

    The effects of ranked choice voting in Maine

  • Question 6: Bond issue to improve highways and multi-modal facilities

    Bond issue to improve the state’s infrastructure

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Bill Nemitz
Time was when Fairbanks would join Andrea Nemitz at the Black Parrot on Middle Street, and be known as the Old Port's Therapy Dog.

Bill Nemitz: A personal ode to the Best Dog Ever

If all dogs really do go to heaven, my beloved Fairbanks should be top dog.

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pphTHE STAKES ARE HIGH. Follow along so you don’t miss anything this Election.

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