Several weeks ago, I wrote about my concern over the inflammatory language against President Barack Obama. I asked Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to speak out against remarks made by many in the political arena.

The “birthers” have tried to influence our state and country with the silly, but dangerous claim that President Obama was not born in the United States. Apparently this is to persuade the populace not to support any of his policies and to question his legitimacy as president of our country.

We also have been exposed to a hateful and sly gift-to-gab potential Republican nominee television personality. He’s a dimpled golly-gee, good ole boy from Arkansas, Mike HucKabee. Yes, he just happen to insert some words like Mau Mau, Kenya, “he’s not like us” as a way to belittle and speak to those that want to believe that President Obama has won the election unfairly. People like Huckabee foster suspicion and hate and get attention. He claims to have “misspoke” but I have not heard one Republican disclaim any of these and other very bigoted remarks.

I again ask Snowe and Collins to speak out against this blatantly repulsive language. They do not have to vote for President Obama’s policies, but they can have the courage and the integrity to interject some sane opposition in allowing this to continue. They have the voices and have the microphones to stop this ugly rhetoric.

Marilyn and Ted Karasopoulos


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