I read the report of the Wiscasset school system keeping the name “Redskins,” and I was absolutely aghast.

This action is beyond inappropriate, to the point of being reprehensible.

Keeping the name “Redskins” is a prejudicial and racially inflammatory action. If the team name had been the Wiscasset “N*****ers,” you can bet that the name would have been changed overnight.

Keeping “Redskins” sends the message that it is OK to offend and exploit Native Americans, but African Americans and/or other ethnic groups (French, Irish, Germans — we all know the denigrating terms for these folks) are off limits. All of these monikers should be eliminated from team identifiers. There are plenty of other names that are not racially driven that this school could have chosen. I have no Native American blood in me, and I am mortified by this decision.

Shame on you, Wiscasset.

Susan Leary


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