I disagree with David B. Offer’s assessment of James O’Keefe.

Offer says it is unfair that O’Keefe goes undercover, as was the case with Acorn and now NPR.

I’m fine with O’Keefe. With his undercover work, he is exposing the fraud that lies within these agencies.

Let’s think back to the Acorn unveilings in which O’Keefe went undercover and was able to capture on tape an Acorn employee describing to him how to evade taxes, run a prostitution ring and even “teen smuggling” from Latin America.

The case for NPR shows the bias, misrepresentation, one-sided and left-leaning with taxpayer money. According to Offer, most educated people listen to NPR. Really? I have a Ph.D. in common-sense reality, and I sure do not listen to it.

I wonder if Offer thinks it is fair when an undercover cop stops a burglary. Or, is someone really guilty when going 80 mph on the Maine Turnpike and getting pulled over by an undercover state trooper in a Mustang GT?

Elisha Reynolds


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