Gov. Paul LePage has been very efficient in the number of people he has managed to offend with a single decree.

In taking down the mural in the Department of Labor depicting events from the history of labor in Maine, he has offended artists, historians, labor activists, union members, art historians and many of us who may not have a current affiliation with a union but who are proud of our ancestors who did.

In changing the names of the conference rooms, he has managed to offend people of Hispanic background and those of us grateful for the worker reforms put forth by Frances Perkins. I wonder if he knows how much she did for all of us.

Our No. 1 industry is tourism. People boycott places they find politically offensive. Ask the governor of Arizona about this.

Since LePage seems to believe that he is responsible only to business, I urge leaders of the tourism industry to put pressure on him to stop acting and speaking so thoughtlessly that he is damaging the reputation of the state of Maine.

One of the needs of business in this state is young, educated, highly trained workers. Who is going to want to move to a state whose governor shows disrespect for working people?

Priscilla Markley


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