Your editorial opinion on March 25 knocking Gov. Paul LePage’s removing the mural from the walls of the Department of Labor is really off base.

These murals are supported by a special interest group — unions. Why should the unions have control of messages on walls that were paid for by state taxpayers?

If the unions want to promote their cause and use the state walls for that type of advertising, why not pay a fee like private businesses have to do when they want to promote their businesses and causes.

I’d like to see all the state’s walls available for advertising, not just by unions or so called “artists,” but for all commercial businesses and nonprofits for a fee to be paid to the state treasury.

If an agency was created and staffed by volunteers to establish a fee schedule and appropriateness of advertising on state-owned property, the state could benefit from a new stream of revenue.

Another cost-saving suggestion would be to phase out the Maine Arts Commission. Let the state’s artists promote themselves like other special-interest commercial businesses.


Reducing this state’s debt will help all of us.

So many times you see LePage getting knocked around without those parties offering alternatives.

I am pleased that Maine has a governor who really wants to help resolve Maine’s financial and business problems. I think he deserves a pat on the back for his efforts.

Ronald C. Currier


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