I am not an “idiot.” “And I am not to be “laugh[ed] at.””

Yes, I was at the rally to save the mural, along with hundreds of others. It was not trivial. Others have written about that event and the event at the University of Maine at Farmington the day before that and the earlier events. And I will write about upcoming events that I’m sure Gov. Paul LePage will foment.

LePage is a dangerous man. Not because of his political beliefs. Not even, perhaps, because of his moral beliefs. But because, as a person in power, he feels he has the right to ignore the people of Maine.

He mocks what we believe, our commitments, our souls. He has no right to do this, governor or not.

He has insulted this state and hurt its people. This is not leadership; this is street survival.

He is in our Blaine House; he works in our State House; he represents us to the rest of the country and the world. The national media is mocking him. He should grow up.

People all over the Middle East are rising up against men who have used their power to walk all over their nation’s citizens. Maybe he should pay attention to this.

And yes, I am part of the 61 percent who did not vote for him. We are not idiots to be laughed at, either. Hopefully, LePage will learn this lesson.

Otherwise, all those obstacles he thought he has overcome are just hurdles in a race he will never finish. He will never win. He should not fool himself by thinking he has.

Diane Kruchkow

New Sharon

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