Can a governor effectively lead this state if he received only 39 percent of the votes cast?

Yes. If he has the ability to govern. If he shows respect to those he governs. If he demonstrates that he is working for all Maine people — not just the minority who voted for him and the organizations that contributed money to his campaign.

Unfortunately, Gov. Paul LePage is not following that path. Through his actions and words, he seems bent on alienating many Mainers, as though pushing them away will allow him to be productive. It won’t.

LePage’s divisive actions and statements are hurtful not only to large groups of Maine citizens — workers, teachers, environmentalists, minorities, mothers and more — they also are changing the way our country views Maine.

Long respected as a source of good sense, often pointing the “right way” for the rest of the nation, Maine is now ridiculed because of our governor’s antics. Example: On a recent national news TV program, LePage was referred to as “the crazy Maine governor.”

This new image may hurt us in many ways, including fewer people traveling to Maine to spend their vacation and travel dollars. And inside our state, the frequently bizarre actions by the governor are distracting everyone from the pressing problems that need solving. His behavior is not helping to create jobs.


So far, LePage is showing himself to be unfit for the position to which he was elected. Maine is the loser.


Chris Conway


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