To get personal for a moment, let me say that I’m a three-time cancer survivor: Skin-removed, prostate-removed, a foot of my colon removed. I recall a statement that went something like this: “If thine eye offendeth thee, pluck it out.”

Our state has a very visible black eye, and it is called “the governor.” During Paul LePage’s campaign, he promised two major things:

* To appoint the “brightest and best” for his administration. Evidently, the B&B already worked for him, were cronies from Waterville, or related. I doubt that B&B has happened.

* To keep all avenues of governing open to the voters. He sets up clandestine meetings with other millionaires not open to the public, and plans to have more.

This type of governing is a cancer on our state, growing bigger each day. Perhaps it should be removed before it affects all of us. Can you spell “recall”?

Tom Ohlund


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