I couldn’t believe what I saw on the local TV news on March 23 about the latest thing our Gov. Paul LePage has done.

He seems to have plenty of new sayings about Marden’s staying open in bad weather and for certain people to “kiss my bu–.” That was a really professional saying, to say the least.

Maybe he was a good manager for a discount store, and a somewhat good mayor of Waterville, but as the leader of our state of Maine, it is a very different matter.

To have the beautiful mural in Augusta removed because it offended some is outrageous. It showed that we pitched in together and worked. No matter what the job was, we worked. Whether it was a “man’s job” or not. They didn’t collect welfare, disability, or live off the state of Maine.

I realize some people need this heIp, but I believe many abuse the system. Our ancestors worked for a living.

The painting is about our past, about Rosie the Riveter and other historic memories.


This is something that shows of the times of what our ancestors lived through. It wasn’t made up, it was the hardships of how our families survived.

I’m very proud to say I did not vote for LePage. Don’t give me, “He grew up in hard times.” Did he forget them? Maybe he should take another look at that mural.

Brenda L. Blair


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