The disrespect that Gov. Paul LePage is showing the labor and artist communities is frighteningly reminiscent of another time –1939.

Is this, “Maine, the way life should be”?

This is Maine after LePage; elected under false campaigning by 39 percent of the people who naively believed the stealth bully.

Is it so difficult to honor the laborers who laid the foundation for the work ethic in this state.

This is our history. Must we negate one group to recognize another?

This governor is being disingenuous to the people of Maine. We are still in the free world, are we not?

I cannot believe that these business people who complained to the governor had a covert operation in mind. If they did, in point of fact, do we want them in our state?

To borrow from Shakespeare, in paraphrase: “Something is rotten in Augusta and it is coming from the Blaine House.”

How disgusting and tragic that this governor is so insular and insecure.

Patricia Vashon


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