Gov. Paul LePage removing the mural shows how out of touch he is.

The governor really missed the boat on the significance of the “worker’s mural.”

If he were to travel this nation, he would find that Maine has a reputation of having some of the hardest working people in America. Our workforce should be touted to attract business, not demeaned or apologized for.

LePage said he was running for governor to give the state back to the people. Well, I fail to see any evidence of that.

The only job he has “created” so far is his daughter’s, at a $41,000-per-year entry level position.

He insists that retirees contribute more toward a retirement that they already have earned, while exempting himself from the additional contribution for his retirement, which is anything but earned.


If he was truly acting on our behalf, he would eliminate the retirement for someone who can only work eight years at the most. He is a minority governor at best, and he would do well to remember that.

If he is leading by example, we are all in a lot of trouble.

Thomas Sawyer


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