My first-ever foray into politics was supporting Paul LePage’s quest to be governor.

I attended rallies, donated money and spoke about LePage to everyone I met. I even put a sign on my lawn, which may not seem like a big thing to many, but for me it was a huge step in a direction I had avoided my entire life.

Now I find myself dismayed at LePage’s antics. The one person I thought would actually go in and do some good has turned into someone who is embarrassing to watch.

I still believe LePage has the right qualifications, but I question his ability to actually lead. To be a leader, one must be able to show the followers a positive goal.

One does not do that by calling them idiots. You might think it, but you never say it, ever.

LePage still has time to get his act together and be the “leader” we all need, but time is running short on this opportunity.

We have serious issues to address, and pain will be felt by all of us. So I beg LePage to get it together, take charge and do what we put him there to do. In other words, quit being an “idiot.”

Brian Boulet


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