Whoopie pies and the labor mural are about the only news we have read in the newspaper or have seen on local television channels.

The whoopie pie story is a joke, considering all the problems we actually have to address in the state. How many Mainers ever heard about or saw the mural before it hit the news?

In my humble opinion, the mural would be better placed in the state museum, where people visiting the museum could really study it and reflect on it.

Common sense won’t allow it to be placed there, as it must be placed in an employment security building. Can’t we just put it back or wherever and get over it?

What the state really needs is for the public to focus on things that are really important to the people of Maine. Many bills are coming up for vote in the Legislature, and the state would be better served if we all became involved in knowing what the real issues are. (It doesn’t matter if one is for or against something, as long as they just get involved).

People can go to the state of Maine website and find all the LDs and a summary of each. That would be time spent on actually doing something worthwhile for our state. Whoopie pies and murals are not what we should be focusing on.

Linda Twitchell


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